Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Truly Shocker!

Introduction :

Hola everyone, this is the new label of my writing, I labeled it with “Melali yuk?” These words are in Balinese words, which mean, “let’s hanging out!!” If you read my stories (well, this is the first, anyway…) with this label, you’ll get the information (probably mostly about our neighbor country ; Australia – because I live here for about a year.. ) about things that happened to me throughout my journey, culture shocks, places that I’ve been visited.. Not bad too add some info for your general knowledge!

(Promotion mode : activated) hahahhaha!
Okay, let’s start this new label chapter..
I live in Eastern Australia, a bit outskirt town named Mullumbimby. (this is a real name – you can stir in our grandfather : Mr. Google) I love living here, because of.. everything, I guess! I love my home stay place and my home stay parents, I love the cool –green – fresh environment,oh ya, I’ll mention the handsome peacock who always spread its feather in front of my room, I also love the people because they are so friendly! Just feels like home. I love my school, too. I work at one of the high schools, and I am a teacher.. (hopefully not too young to be a teacher!)
Since last week, my home stay parents asked me to bring money to school. I thought, well, I took some money to school, but, what the special about money. They said, it will be a horse race. I scratch my head it does not even itchy. Just didn’t get the message what is the important of the horse race???
This morning, I ignored the big paper on the common area that said “put your bid here” I just gave it a second look, and no nothing about it.. Don’t have any encouragement to ask anybody, including my mate. And…….. (a bit blaming him- haha) why on earth, he’s not talking about put a bid on that "thingy??"
After teaching two sessions today, my mate started talking about the “thingy”. He started with some questions about my general knowledge about.. “ the HORSE RACE” . Truly, I just listened to him, and make sure it matched with my home stay parents’ explanations couple days ago. The information was exactly the same that-- the whole Australia will STOP to watch this race. Everybody will put a bid to their favourite horse. Then.. my talkative mouth took all the conversation while sitting on my comfy chair, feeling warm because of the weather – I began with “how do you know, which horse is the best?” My mate just said, “well.. I just chose it, pick a number- that’s it.” I shrugged my shoulder and put my face on “ I’m not interested at all- mate!”
------------ biiiiippppp -------------- ---------------- bbbiiiiiiiiipppppp-------------------
Attention- attention!!! Everybody, the race will start in couple minutes- let’s watch who’s the winner. Thank you. 

This loud speaker often shocked me because it located next to my table – well , you can say next to my ear – probably that’s why I’ve got a bit earache – not too serious though. Haha. (just to attract your attention). Soon, my mate dragged me to go watching the race. He could read my “not so happy face” that time- but he still dragged me to go by saying, “come on, this is a big part of Australian culture, at least you have to watch it!!” While he dragged me he showed me the “thingy” that was paper with everybody’s names on it. There were some tables to write down their names and how much money they bid ($2 or $5), some columns containing of the names of the horses.. and.. it feels like a nerd to read all the names of the horse.. “Alcopop, Crime Scene, Tourneur, Viewed, Super Tab, Flashed.. and (there were 24 of horses—I couldn’t get all their weird names!) I remembered my mate bid on the horse named “shocking”.

He said to me “ we need to watch this horse, mate.”
We strolled to the library while he told me the story about “Melbourne Cup” – The Horse Race that every Australian mad of. It only held once a year, every first Tuesday in November. Everybody will bid loads-loads-loads of money, sometimes they will bid for $500 for one horse! (even if they didn’t know the history of the horses)- everybody crazy about it, everybody addicted on it- it is worse than Facebook..
Arrived in library, the TV was already ON.. some teachers already there- and each of them hold the paper with the names – the weirdo horses names – and the bid. We were lucky to get a very good seat, no need to stand up, and it’s kinda cool to stay in an air-conditioned library. J
The race began….. it was more serious than the football league! Every eyes stared on TV, back to the paper, wish their horse will be the winner. I couldn’t even hear their lungs breathing! They just fully concentrated on the TV and the race.. The horses was running like a mad monster – the jokey not even sat on their horse. They shouted- they begged their horses to be faster-faster-and faster..

It built a bit of my interest to see how serious, how meaningful this race was. Back on TV, I didn’t see that everyone’s horses on the line, it just too many horses, but they just keep watching, sitting quietly, hold the paper—and breathless. When it got to 50 m before the finish line, the horses just ran faster-and faster--- and just like a jiffy.. the “Shocking horse” jumped onto the finished line, and he won!!
Err.. I became speechless. The audiences just totally engaged with the race- 24 horses – more than 2 weeks preparation (maybe.. haha!)– Thousand dollars already on a bid – and.. the race just took FIVE MINUTES.. full stop. Another race? See you next year! Apart from my shocking feeling in my guts, my mate was sooo excited! He just won $ 35 from the $2 that he put – without asking me.. (haha, still blaming him!)
I arrived again at the teacher’s room and the conversation topic change into : Melbourne Cup—yeah, yeah. One of the teacher asked me, “Did you win?” I just smiled and shouted back to my mate, “hey, mate.. did you win?!” He just bite my spear in a jiffy, “OH, YEAH. I WON!” I got back to the teacher who asked me, “Yeah, I guess I won, because we are one team, aren’t we, mate?” I spoke a little louder, expecting my mate to come and give me an agree voice that WE won.. (haha)
My mate came closer and laughed.. “yeah, if “Shocking’ didn’t win, she wouldn’t say that WE win..” I just smiled- shook my head… calmed down myself who didn’t even try to make a bid. However, to imagine that ‘Shocking horse’ jumped on the last line as if my heart jumped to that paper and wish my name written on the horse number, 21.. Still thinking and a bit feeling regretful.. , ‘Shocking’ you are a truly shocker..!
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Mullumbimby , November 3 2009
10.30 pm


rani said...

hihihi.. saiaa ga ngerti :p
salam kenal ia, gek :)

Anonymous said...

di koran ada ni tadi, yahoo news juga....
tapi ga fully noticed, what it's all about hehe

-Gek- said...

@ Rani : Lam kenal balik Ran.. :) Sering2 mampir.. hehe.

@ G aka Anonymous : sekarang udah fully noticed beloomm??

Anonymous said...

G "udah, meski harus pake ngambil kamus bacanya :D"

Sang Cerpenis bercerita said...

gak beda sama judi ya...hehehe...ada2 aja. memang orang bule seneng main ginian. btw, templatenya dah lbh keren.

sanur said...

kunjungan ke blog dianari...lama q ga blog walking mungkin belakangan sibuk banget..kaya sibuk jalan jalan, sibuk maen malem, sibuk keluyuran, sibuk guling guling dikasur sendirian, sibuk wisata kuliner....

makasih bgt ya dah komen di blog q....

btw garba itu artinya tempat atau wadah......terus bejuang yaa bwt mata kuliah bhs indonesiannya.....btw q juga cuma dapet c ko hehehehe

Ayas Tasli Wiguna said...

oke lam nal.. n sori dori stoberi asem, aku g komen posting ini,, kagak ngerti english ne,, ribet ngartiinnya hoho.. yang jelas kayaknya tuh bule seneng bgt menang taruhan ^0^

Sang Cerpenis bercerita said...

Gek, bikin emoticon kucing di komentarnya nanya nchi juga. aku diajarin ama dia. hehehe..tapi lupa. dia tuh pakar pokoknya.

Clara alias Kurara atau Kura said...

huaaa, Gek, jujur aku lemah dalam basa inggris
jadi aku yang lagi setengah puyeng tapi maksa buat blogwalking ini, minta maaf karna nggak baca penuh postingan kali ini >.<
komen gambarnya aja, ya, keknya kudanya gagah, deh XD

Sang Cerpenis bercerita said...

komentku tadi pagi gak muncul ya?
gek,gak papa naruh norek. gak bahaya kok. selama ini aku kirim cerpen cantumin norek. kalo gak, kirim honornya gimana?

Sang Cerpenis bercerita said...

boleh jadi murid graha. duduknya pilihg sendiri. di lntai juga boleh. hehe...maaf baru sempet balas ya.

mocca_chi said...

inggris semua, puyeng aku bacanya,ga mudeng -___-"