Saturday, March 2, 2013

Booked me!

Please don’t judge me by the title of this posting. : ) 

Everyone knows that I always think far ahead. When everyone start thinking about in what school they would like to continue their Junior High School, I knew that I’m going to “that” university – “this” program, finish my study in 3.5 years, then find my dream job – that was a doctor. (Although I left my dream and change it to be a teacher.. ;)

When my girlfriends started to have a crush with some cute boys, I already had a “monkey love” with some cute boys they’ve ever known. I always approachable for the boys they were looking at, that was why those girls always be jealous on me. One of my girl friends even said that.. “Gek, you’re not beautiful, not smart, not even wearing a make up! Are you wearing “susuk”……….??? So our “cute boys” always fall for you?” Of course I ignored them and those cute boys who dared approaching me that time. I had my own choice – and I knew it’s right. 

When my friends were busy finding their university, I already moved from my science program to Social – and learnt all Social things in a month – applied my uni and be ready for it. 

Everybody kept telling me, “Gek, you need to slow down, enjoy your life.” Well, I am enjoying myself – but I was born this way. Hahhahah.

I still remembered that when my friends started thinking the topic of their “skripsi..” My ‘skripsi’ idea had already stolen by my senior .. (Seriously Gek?? How? She was overheard my idea to my supervisor.. she was mean.. I know.) – she did her ‘skripsi’ for 6 months and passed it with B. 

While me – the creator, I did it in ONE month, and passed with A – and did my ‘yudisium’ in the age of 20. Hell yes, I’m super serious.. T.W.E.N.T.Y.. I could remember the Dean of my university, who read my date of birth and repeated it.. twice – and still couldn’t believe, I still 20. *grin. 

Well, that’s my life. Always a step.. (well, ten steps ahead) from my friends – not my Mom. When I thought 10 steps ahead – she already thought for a 100 step ahead. *It’s genetic, you see… 

So.. What’s the conclusion of “booked me?” Gek?

This means, if you want to meet me.. hang in out with me… have a little chit chat, or drink a cuppa with me.. please guys.. booked me in 2 weeks advanced. *Cetarrrrrrrrrrr.. kwkwkkwkwkwk

Do not come by “only” SMS or BBM and say.. “Hey, how about going to Ubud this afternoon, at 1?” 

My answer is definitely.., “Sorry, I’m busy. My plan is already full, darl!” 

Then everyone keeps echoing their sentence to me.. “You are too, busy.. Gek” 

How about you Angel Lovers, do I need to book you up to read this posting?

kiss kiss

Thursday, February 28, 2013

LDR, who scared?

LDR or Long Distance Relationship is a trend nowadays among adults. Why I say adults? Teenagers won’t cope with LDR, they are easily get bored and likely hunt another partner to be with. 

Many people says it is difficult to have a LDR, also chances to do an affair with other sex opposite is very easy to happen. However, there are some couples that love doing LDR, they could feel their heart near while others in a long journey – not the opposite. They are near, but there is a distance between their hearts. 

I’ve been experienced LDR when I worked in another country. It was one year without my boy friend, and we did it so well – then I start asking, why anyone could fail, when we could pass it?

LDR Positives!
I ensure you that you’ll miss each other badly. Thank God to our modern technology that we have “skype” and “face time” now! You will find that communication is effortless. Even though you will lose your saving money to buy credit to your phone, you will always texting and calling each other. The positive of LDR is you can have your “boundary freedom.” This means, you can do your hobbies, you can hang out with your friends, and do your works or tasks for even in a better result. You can go every Friday for “Girls Night Out” without even worrying someone will drag you home- when you still want to dance.

LDR Negatives…
Trust breaking is number one obstacle in this relation. It easy for your partner to judge you having another crush with another man or woman if – for example, you don’t call your partner, you forgot replying his or her sms  - or any simple thing. My boyfriend did a long distance call for 3 hours- just to get an argument with me.. and, guess what, he spent 2 million rupiah for his call. Well.. well. What should I say? 

Flirting with another man or woman is really tempting. I’ve met some foreigners who really liked me and wanted our relationship would grow more than friend. At that time, I personally did not have any intention to do any relation with foreigner men. They just didn’t suit with my life – and also, not my taste.. tsahhhhhh..! :p However, I enjoyed myself being loved by many men, got a lot of attention, and also… more friends, of course! 

Once someone said to me, “If you can maintain your LDR relationship and both of stay faithful to each other, you can be together for the rest of your life. This means your love is so strong.” 

Actually, LDR is not a distance problem. It’s more to hearts problem. If you have that problem, fix it. Don’t blame the distance! I didn’t predict that I can make the LDR succeed, but I did. : )

 Just don’t think too much about it. Trust each other – and keep your communication well. It’ll be fun.

- Are you on LDR right now, Angel Lovers?-

Sunday, February 24, 2013

My Circle

They have edited this photo, because they said, "Gek, you are too white!" >.< I love my hair, though!!! :p

My circle isn’t big. It’s enough for me to say things that I love or I hate. I have more space to tell stories and listen to them as well. I have more time to laugh and to have a free hug, do a happy dance with them. 

My circle is some friends that really close to me. They are my colleagues and my best friends. I love hanging out with them, and hours feel nothing. 

My circle please stays around me, don’t go anywhere. Always make my day and hug my heart forever.

-          Do you have your circle?  -

One Morning..

One morning, while I was having a morning nap with my 2 years old son, my house phone was ringing. I jumped out the bed, although I didn’t feel like it. I thought that would be my mom, since I loved talking to her. 

It was a second late, because my father already took the line. I sneaked out again, having my morning nap, with my baby boy. 

When I got up, it was 11 o’clock and I needed to be ready for work. I left my boy on the bed then walked o the door just to get my eyes met with the sun, for the second time that day. I didn’t really feel like working, as usual. 

My Dad came to me and told me a true story,
“I took the phone and it was a woman out there – says.. Hello, I’m YENI.”
“Yes, anything I can help, madam?” replied my father politely, as the caller probably one of his client.
The woman spoke out “Sir, I would like to inform you, that your kid is having accident at the school this morning.” 

I raised my eyebrow – hold my smile and asked my father, “Then, what did you say, Dad?”
Instead of saying that he doesn’t have any kid that isn’t in school anymore, he just said “thank you for your call.” 

“Is that it, Dad?” I said – when my dad replied me with a wise voice, “It’s definitely fraudulence, a crime, why should I care..? “ 

“Oh.” I replied and thought, my Dad would has been cursed the lady named YENI, but he didn’t do it. 

“And, why should you care, Gek? You need to get to work, right? ” asked my Dad – read my thought utterances. 

“You need to be more careful, Dad.” I said and left to the bathroom get ready for work.

My dear Angel lovers, there are LOADS of BAD PEOPLE outside there. One thing that you have to remember is stay calm, take a deep breath, and think logically. 

-          Because if you are worried and panic, it won’t get you anywhere. Stay put! -

Thursday, February 21, 2013


Undeniable, being nice to other people sometimes hard attitude to do.

I have a colleague at work, she is definitely nice, but not nice at the same time.
She's nice, because she is still care about what other people do (sometimes too much care), and still help you when you need her assistance. However, it changes in a flip when she talks about others. She doesn't reluctantly keep her words to behave nicely. Like she did today.

It wasn't a rumor that as a teacher, it is very difficult to have "day off" in my office. I need to apply my 'leave' far more before the day - not 2 weeks before, I've done it for about 3 or 4 months before my 'leave day'. When I took it, the boss should have known that I've already planned it ahead, and it is really essential.

Last year, I've got 5 days off when it's Balinese Christmas time. (Let's say it like that... :p) it supposed to be three days only, but again... because I booked my leave day, far more before the day, I always got the "day off" perfectly. Then, she said to everyone that it wasn't fair - because she forgot, and just applied her leave 2 weeks before the Balinese Christmas time.

She also  said I was the boss' favourite because my boss only approved my 'long leave' - not hers or other colleagues. Helloooooo..... first come first served. I think you knew that idioms, Miss!

It was very easy to blame other people. VERY EASY.

Then today she asked me. "Have you applied for the Balinese Christmas holiday?" I didn't answer her question, because I knew, she haven't finished her sentences.

"You know, you may only take three days - not five days as usual. There is a regulation about that. " She continued.

"Is it?" I just replied a short answer.

"Yap. And you can't take the whole week off like you usually did -last year, you know... " She said while looking at me. I took my breath deeply while preparing my fake smile.

"Oh really?" I said back to her without even seeing her. I loved the feeling that I DON'T F*****G CARE of whatever she said.

She left without knowing that I've already proposed my leave application, and my boss begged me for forgiveness and understanding, because she could not approve it easily like last year.

"The rule is, first come first serve. Last year, other teachers were complaining because of your leave days. They said it wasn't fair. Thus, I'm gonna postpone your day off and we'll see how it goes." My boss said to me softly.

"It's cool. We can't make everyone happy, can we?" I replied politely then off to my desk.

- I hope I can make her happy this year. - 

Monday, February 18, 2013

The Power of Good

That is the most favourite article of the Reader Digest which I read frequently. I love reading the story of good karma and sometimes tears falling down through my cheek. When someone did something good and the other person replied in a magical way, in the right place- at the right time. 

It is actually reflected of what happened today. 

I have a colleague named Sam. He’s a young lad, for a small remote village in England. (Well, he said it to me, and directly showed me some pictures of his house in England- the first time I met him)

He sits next to me in the office, but I hardly ever notice that he’s there. He mostly sits in front of the public computer, typing with his quirky hands, sipped his double glasses of juice in a jiffy, and talks loudly about the girls he’s dating recently with his mate. 

Apart from his wildness attitude, he is always be there for me. It’s been 2 years now and he has already recognized hundreds of my face expressions that could tell exactly what I felt. 

My cruel face – that often asks him to tidy up his desk or his folder when we have to swap our class. A happy face that he often replies with a flirty smile. An unhappy face – that makes him stay away from me. :p
Or, a helpless face that makes him said.. “Are you okay?” 

He often helps me a lot with proof-read my formal writing. He sometimes change the sentences, has a little bit argument with me, then.. finally, he will emphasized his utterance then said.. “It’s my language – not yours.” It was his golden words to make me silent and obey him – at once. 

Like today when he jumped initiatively to take my student’s writing and said.. “Would like me to proof-read that? I have a lot of time. I can do it for you.” 

Then, I replied, “Sam, would you like another glass of juice?” 

He just smiled. A flirty smile, as usual. Even though at the end, we corrected together. 

 When will I pay back for your kindness, friend?

Thanks for your help today. 

Kiss kiss.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Mr R

Mr R, (in my dream, only) ;)

 As a female teacher, I love having male students. Don’t be misunderstanding. I love female students, too. They are much more warmer than male students, however, they tend to ignore me when they bored or simply busy with their own world.. 

I met Mr R, when I was an examiner in his speaking test. I’ve already got a warning before from my colleague.. “Gek, you’ll feel your heart beats faster.. and can’t breathe.”
“He’s a gentleman, great attitude, lovely smile, and smells good…. “ Said Ella, my colleague. I can feel that a drop of her saliva fell down sinfulness. It did make me more curious, who Mr. R is.. 

The truth is.. he’s truly a mysterious handsome drop-dead rich man. He is just around 22 years old and he’s been travelled around the world. Just name any countries that you knew, he’s been there. 

My curiosity goes on when I actually become his class teacher. I have tried every approach, methods, systems, tricks, you name it.. to know more about him, but, it was a great failure. He never opens himself to other people. He keeps everything personal and very-very-very odd as the smell of his expensive perfume in the middle of Ella’s jealousness because she’s not getting him as her student this term.. BINGO! *grin*

I remember, he always says that he has a high-risky job, but he’s very satisfied about it. He says he has a Dutch girlfriend, but he does flirt with other classmates (!) He drives the most expensive car in Bali and still has a high respect to other people... damn you, heartthrob! 

Today, he’s surprised me again…When I was having difficulties in releasing the sticky tape strap between many umbrellas.. I was hoping that Mr R will come to me with car keys, or.. another equipment that could solve my problem.

“I am sorry Miss.. “
“Pardon, why did you say sorry? What will you do? Do you have the keys?” I asked him politely. 

Slowly but sure, he pulled out a small folded knife from his trousers pocket and helped me effortless with an elegant move. The class stopped for about 3 seconds when they saw what he did.. 

I took my breath and starred at him – I whispered, “thank you, R..” 

He gave me that killing smile while putting back his folded knife into his pocket “No problem, miss.” 

Although my heart was melted with his gentleman attitude, he made me a little bit scared this time.
Please. Don’t break my heart again, Mr R!

-Happy Valentine’s Day, Angel Lovers.-
kiss kiss. :*