Thursday, February 21, 2013


Undeniable, being nice to other people sometimes hard attitude to do.

I have a colleague at work, she is definitely nice, but not nice at the same time.
She's nice, because she is still care about what other people do (sometimes too much care), and still help you when you need her assistance. However, it changes in a flip when she talks about others. She doesn't reluctantly keep her words to behave nicely. Like she did today.

It wasn't a rumor that as a teacher, it is very difficult to have "day off" in my office. I need to apply my 'leave' far more before the day - not 2 weeks before, I've done it for about 3 or 4 months before my 'leave day'. When I took it, the boss should have known that I've already planned it ahead, and it is really essential.

Last year, I've got 5 days off when it's Balinese Christmas time. (Let's say it like that... :p) it supposed to be three days only, but again... because I booked my leave day, far more before the day, I always got the "day off" perfectly. Then, she said to everyone that it wasn't fair - because she forgot, and just applied her leave 2 weeks before the Balinese Christmas time.

She also  said I was the boss' favourite because my boss only approved my 'long leave' - not hers or other colleagues. Helloooooo..... first come first served. I think you knew that idioms, Miss!

It was very easy to blame other people. VERY EASY.

Then today she asked me. "Have you applied for the Balinese Christmas holiday?" I didn't answer her question, because I knew, she haven't finished her sentences.

"You know, you may only take three days - not five days as usual. There is a regulation about that. " She continued.

"Is it?" I just replied a short answer.

"Yap. And you can't take the whole week off like you usually did -last year, you know... " She said while looking at me. I took my breath deeply while preparing my fake smile.

"Oh really?" I said back to her without even seeing her. I loved the feeling that I DON'T F*****G CARE of whatever she said.

She left without knowing that I've already proposed my leave application, and my boss begged me for forgiveness and understanding, because she could not approve it easily like last year.

"The rule is, first come first serve. Last year, other teachers were complaining because of your leave days. They said it wasn't fair. Thus, I'm gonna postpone your day off and we'll see how it goes." My boss said to me softly.

"It's cool. We can't make everyone happy, can we?" I replied politely then off to my desk.

- I hope I can make her happy this year. - 


Slamsr said...

puk puk gek...

ayie kasturi said...

haiiiiiiissssss, dimana2 pasti ditemukan siluman rubah mba. sikaat aja mba.^^

Ninda said...

I hope so :))