Monday, February 18, 2013

The Power of Good

That is the most favourite article of the Reader Digest which I read frequently. I love reading the story of good karma and sometimes tears falling down through my cheek. When someone did something good and the other person replied in a magical way, in the right place- at the right time. 

It is actually reflected of what happened today. 

I have a colleague named Sam. He’s a young lad, for a small remote village in England. (Well, he said it to me, and directly showed me some pictures of his house in England- the first time I met him)

He sits next to me in the office, but I hardly ever notice that he’s there. He mostly sits in front of the public computer, typing with his quirky hands, sipped his double glasses of juice in a jiffy, and talks loudly about the girls he’s dating recently with his mate. 

Apart from his wildness attitude, he is always be there for me. It’s been 2 years now and he has already recognized hundreds of my face expressions that could tell exactly what I felt. 

My cruel face – that often asks him to tidy up his desk or his folder when we have to swap our class. A happy face that he often replies with a flirty smile. An unhappy face – that makes him stay away from me. :p
Or, a helpless face that makes him said.. “Are you okay?” 

He often helps me a lot with proof-read my formal writing. He sometimes change the sentences, has a little bit argument with me, then.. finally, he will emphasized his utterance then said.. “It’s my language – not yours.” It was his golden words to make me silent and obey him – at once. 

Like today when he jumped initiatively to take my student’s writing and said.. “Would like me to proof-read that? I have a lot of time. I can do it for you.” 

Then, I replied, “Sam, would you like another glass of juice?” 

He just smiled. A flirty smile, as usual. Even though at the end, we corrected together. 

 When will I pay back for your kindness, friend?

Thanks for your help today. 

Kiss kiss.


Andie said...

aku selalu roaming kalo kesini, ora mudeng T.T

*getok kepala

ayie kasturi said...

uuuuuuu persahabatan yang indah.^^

miwwa said...

that's what friends are for :D

Ayas Tasli Wiguna said...

ati2 lama2 ntar kecantol, hehe :p

Aqil Anindhityo Raharjo said...

uuu bagus bangett :) ini cerita loo?

salam kenal yaa nama gue aqil

visit back :D