Thursday, February 14, 2013

Mr R

Mr R, (in my dream, only) ;)

 As a female teacher, I love having male students. Don’t be misunderstanding. I love female students, too. They are much more warmer than male students, however, they tend to ignore me when they bored or simply busy with their own world.. 

I met Mr R, when I was an examiner in his speaking test. I’ve already got a warning before from my colleague.. “Gek, you’ll feel your heart beats faster.. and can’t breathe.”
“He’s a gentleman, great attitude, lovely smile, and smells good…. “ Said Ella, my colleague. I can feel that a drop of her saliva fell down sinfulness. It did make me more curious, who Mr. R is.. 

The truth is.. he’s truly a mysterious handsome drop-dead rich man. He is just around 22 years old and he’s been travelled around the world. Just name any countries that you knew, he’s been there. 

My curiosity goes on when I actually become his class teacher. I have tried every approach, methods, systems, tricks, you name it.. to know more about him, but, it was a great failure. He never opens himself to other people. He keeps everything personal and very-very-very odd as the smell of his expensive perfume in the middle of Ella’s jealousness because she’s not getting him as her student this term.. BINGO! *grin*

I remember, he always says that he has a high-risky job, but he’s very satisfied about it. He says he has a Dutch girlfriend, but he does flirt with other classmates (!) He drives the most expensive car in Bali and still has a high respect to other people... damn you, heartthrob! 

Today, he’s surprised me again…When I was having difficulties in releasing the sticky tape strap between many umbrellas.. I was hoping that Mr R will come to me with car keys, or.. another equipment that could solve my problem.

“I am sorry Miss.. “
“Pardon, why did you say sorry? What will you do? Do you have the keys?” I asked him politely. 

Slowly but sure, he pulled out a small folded knife from his trousers pocket and helped me effortless with an elegant move. The class stopped for about 3 seconds when they saw what he did.. 

I took my breath and starred at him – I whispered, “thank you, R..” 

He gave me that killing smile while putting back his folded knife into his pocket “No problem, miss.” 

Although my heart was melted with his gentleman attitude, he made me a little bit scared this time.
Please. Don’t break my heart again, Mr R!

-Happy Valentine’s Day, Angel Lovers.-
kiss kiss. :*


Andie said...

ayo, siapa itu mister R.... btw, itu tom crus, maunya Mr. T XDDD

pengobatan alami sinusitis said...

happy valentine day gan

Cara Herbal Mengobati Penyakit Kanker Kelenjar Getah Bening said...

Hai Mr.R

Pengobatan Keloid Secara Herbal said...

coklatnya mana di hari valentine hehe

Andy said...

semoga harapan ada setiap hari ya, bukan cuma Valentine aja, biar romantis :)

Elsa said...

kalo Mr R nya persis dengan your dream itu, aku juga mau ketemu Bu Guru Gek... hehehhehehee

-Gek- said...

@ All : Happy Valentine.

@ Mb Elsa : eh, Mr. R not a dream, mbak. He is a real man. He is one of my students. I put on my make up today and my best dress when teaching his class, then, he suddenly was very very very nervous talking to me, BINGO!

ayie kasturi said...

hihiiiii..hayo hayoooo jaman2nnya masih ababiiiiiiiiiil ya ni mba Gek.^^
cihuuuy Mr.R mayan tuh buat penyegaran mata di kelas. Ahoihoi..
I Love You mba Gek.>>.<<

Sang Cerpenis bercerita said...

foto dong..jadi penasaran spt apa senyum mautnya itu. hhihihi

YOLANDA said...

jadi bener - bener ngebaying muka nya Mr.R itu si tom cruise >.<

armae said...

ahaha.. senyum senyum sendiri bacanya.
ciee cieeee...

miwwa said...

nah loooo ketauan!! nanti mr. R yg sekarang cemburu lhoooO~ :))))

Hans Brownsound ツ said...

I wish I could be like him, impress his lecturer.
nah saya? langganan kena setrap karna sering telat masuk -_-"