Monday, February 4, 2013


She’s so lucky, she’s a star.. but why did she cry..?”

The lyrics of that song is echoing in my head recently. In my office, every staff considered that I am the luckiest person in the office. I was new, I was a favourite, I could tackle all difficulties and I have good-good friends. What did I do wrong? Did I hurt them?

I knew some staff who had been working in my office for 10 years, but her career was not as fast as me – then she kept saying, that I am lucky. “You Just lucky. 99 percent lucky and 1 percent hard work.”

I kept everything down to earth, but I can’t hide my skill and ability. I can’t pretend that I could not give all my best. 

Lucky is.. a ninety nine percent of sincere hard-working and one percent tears when people judge you from their point of view.

Thanks for all the good luck, God. : )

I know I am always lucky and I won’t cry anymore.


ayie kasturi said...

orang kek gitu cuma sirik tuh sama mba Gek, dan sirik itu kan tanda tak mampu ya mba.^^
bukannya keberuntungan itu anugerah dari Tuhan untuk hamba yang dipilihNya karena kemampuan, ketekunan, dan kerja kerasnya.

Sonna Anggoro said...

your lucky coz they envy with your luck. -biasaaa.. rumput tetangga lebih hijau-

Ganbatte ah ☺

Ninda said...

I'm lucky i'm lucky
patut diulang2 setiap kali berasa sedih ya mbak ;D

Ayas Tasli Wiguna said...

bener bgt. lucky itu datang dari hati yang tulus. karena cara kita berpikir akan menggiring kita kepada keberuntungan. u can read it on the book, titled "luck factor" :)

Rian Ra-kun said...

me too feel lucky. no time for crying at all! :D

Sang Cerpenis bercerita said...

harus disertai usaha juga ya. hehhee