Sunday, February 24, 2013

One Morning..

One morning, while I was having a morning nap with my 2 years old son, my house phone was ringing. I jumped out the bed, although I didn’t feel like it. I thought that would be my mom, since I loved talking to her. 

It was a second late, because my father already took the line. I sneaked out again, having my morning nap, with my baby boy. 

When I got up, it was 11 o’clock and I needed to be ready for work. I left my boy on the bed then walked o the door just to get my eyes met with the sun, for the second time that day. I didn’t really feel like working, as usual. 

My Dad came to me and told me a true story,
“I took the phone and it was a woman out there – says.. Hello, I’m YENI.”
“Yes, anything I can help, madam?” replied my father politely, as the caller probably one of his client.
The woman spoke out “Sir, I would like to inform you, that your kid is having accident at the school this morning.” 

I raised my eyebrow – hold my smile and asked my father, “Then, what did you say, Dad?”
Instead of saying that he doesn’t have any kid that isn’t in school anymore, he just said “thank you for your call.” 

“Is that it, Dad?” I said – when my dad replied me with a wise voice, “It’s definitely fraudulence, a crime, why should I care..? “ 

“Oh.” I replied and thought, my Dad would has been cursed the lady named YENI, but he didn’t do it. 

“And, why should you care, Gek? You need to get to work, right? ” asked my Dad – read my thought utterances. 

“You need to be more careful, Dad.” I said and left to the bathroom get ready for work.

My dear Angel lovers, there are LOADS of BAD PEOPLE outside there. One thing that you have to remember is stay calm, take a deep breath, and think logically. 

-          Because if you are worried and panic, it won’t get you anywhere. Stay put! -


ayie kasturi said...

wah, kalo aku mah orangnya panikan mba. pake banget malah. dan kadang emang suka ga kekontrol, dan akibatnya, berantakan dan kacau.^^
ayahnya mba Gek, tenang ya orangnya, bapakku juga kek gitu. apa setiap ayah tu lebih tenang ya daripada ibu?? hihi.. masalahnya, ibuku sama bgd ma aq. panikan. wkwkwk..

Andy said...

setiap pagi selalu ada hal yang menarik untuk dikerjakan & dilupakan, tp ketimbang memikirkan hal tsb, lebih baik menikmati pagi denga fikiran positif :)