Friday, May 29, 2009

Underneath my chaostic, crowded, and exhausted morning...


TGIF = Thank God it's Friday....
I slept earlier last night, at 12 am, yup! It feels a little, a tiny bit better than the other nights, when I slept at 2 am!! haiahhhhhhhhhhhhhh--

Still trying hard to get up this morning, I just kept looking my table clock.

7 : 20 --- opened my blankets, wore my sleeper, and (with unopened eyes) walked to the water jug and press the button to make the water hot, of course.
I took my favourite noodle, and put it into the bowl with the hot water, and of course made my tea, too.. black tea today, not white as usual.

7 : 29--- Oh, took my clothes in my wardrobe, just the clothes that I wore yesterday, washed my face with face washer, combed my hair (seemed that I had a bad hair day always...), changed my clothes and my underwear too... sprayed some deodorant (the smell of my deodorant usually wake me up) and I put some of acne's cream on my face, it's getting better.. yay!

7 : 40--- 20 minutes before school time! I turned on my TV while having my "mie goreng" and a cup of tea.. Not quite a good news today, but there was a new song that played this morning, stunning. :) No more time to wash the dishes- just ran to the rest room, brushed my teeth, put my loose powder and ran back again to my room, finding my mineral powder and a lipstick of course!!! Now, it looks more fresh, although can't hide my Garfield eyes.... arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

7 : 59 ---- Tight my scarf and smiled one more time to the mirror and put my bag on my back, I brought my angklungs and I'm ready to go.. I went to school with my homestay parent, a very generous and warm man. I didn't know why it was so quiet this morning. I didn't talk too much with him, not as usual.. He also didn't talk anything to me-- well, I guess we were so tired this morning.

At school, we saw a lot of tents, oohh yeah, today was another "cross country" day. The principal came in, and greeted me, and asked me some questions about today. Everybody seemed not prepared for the lesson but the food, um.. I started thinking.. because I prepared my lesson till late last night, so I really in the mood of teaching today.

I started some photocopy, before the lady asked me "could you dance at the assembly?"
I didn't shock with the question. But, I said "NO". I said to her, "I can teach your students how to dance-- but not me, alone, dancing? NO, I'm sorry" I don't want to be the centre of attraction to show off my talent, I prefer the students to be the centre of attraction.... (Fair enough, eh?)

The kids were good today, but the school. It's so crowded and busy, we've got other students from other schools, too. But, the food tents were very good, I bought some chicken kebabs and home lemonade drink. I met Pak Wawan (at last-- after more than 3 times ignoring him) and introduced my self. He said to me -- loads of Balinese people live here... (yeah-yeah I knew it....) I just don't feel comfortable, with my busy time schedule!!

I didn't teach the students about many things today, I gave them some activities so they can remember how are you in Indonesian and all the responses for that. It's quite challenging in teaching KINDY....

Kindy (K) : Apa kabal..? Apa? kaballll?? Apa kabal..??
Me (M): Apa kabar? Listen and repeat... Apa kabar?
K : Apa kaballll??
M : No, listen---listen first... Apa kabar?
K : (silent)
M : Now repeat please?
K : (silent) --- arrrrrrggggghhhhhh!!
M : Apa--
K : Apa?? Apa ??
M : Not yet-- listen first then repeat.. APA KABAR?
K : Apa kabar?
M : Bagusss!!! Very good!! Now, what is the meaning of Apa Kabar?
K : Hello?
K : Good morning?
K : Ibu Asri!!! The meaning is Ibu Asri....
M : ???? Okay, listen class,, Apa Kabar means "how are you?"
K : oohhh.... how are you? Okay!!!
M : Now, let's repeat "apa kabar?"
K : Apa kabar?
M : That's better, class! You are excellent today! Anybody can tell me what the meaning of Apa Kabar is??
K : (all hands up-- and they screamed) Ibu Asri!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
M : ......( sigh and speechless)

The older kids got me more relax, especially in year 3, they were very enthusiastic and got into the lesson, I loved them. They remembered what they have learnt and they grasped the lesson very quick!!
I also taught gifted and talented students how to play angklung, but I was sooo embarrassed today, because I was accompanied by my home stay parent (as he is the music teacher-- OH NO!)

For your information : This is the first time in my life, playing those things, and I have to teach the students to play "Waltzing Matilda"-- what a brave teacher you are, lady! I talked to my self, but, I had courage, that we can play it together.
It was a bit messy at first, but the students could play it sooo quickkk-- I was impressed to them and to my self! Luckily I've got my lovely home stay parent who helped me.. Thanks Richard, that's worth!!(I hope we can play it perfectly in the next 3 weeks-- cayooooo!! Semangatsss!!!)

Oh ya-- did I tell you something? When I taught year 3, I had a student named Declan, he's a warm student, he always gave me hugs.. But today, he gave me hugs and a kiss-- a very warm kiss on my right cheek- that a bonuss! Thanks Declan- you made my day--- perfect!

Thanks God,
(although I went directly to bed when I arrived home and snooze for 2,5 hours... still feel the warmness of Declan's kiss. hmmmm... love it! ♥

4:55 pm
Melaleuca Road, Mullumbimby NSW
My messy room---
29 May 09


GooDeviL said...

laught is explode when read
"apa kabar?"
"ibu asri"

Garfield the Gothica said...

frustrated mode : ON
Still laughed if I read my own writing again, remembering the situation at the class this morning...!! XD