Thursday, May 28, 2009



As usual I wake up with a very tired feeling everyday,
regarding to class loads which always full on Thursday.

However, it was sth different today, because I sneaked out from
the school, walked down to the city, followed the small path,
with a beautiful weather surround.
I tight my scarf and walked faster and faster.

I stopped at the place when I could see the same woman,
whom I met last week,
she smiled at me, and before I said any words, she said
"ohh... sorry, we still can't get into it..."

I looked at her, and sat down in front of her,
"so, anything else you can do for me?"
She nodded and offered a phone call, I just be a viewer along
a 15 minutes conversation,
It was a so called an unpractical way, because she has to convert the currency,
I can't understand why the company did that,

After that, she smiled at me, she looked relief..
"We're DONE"
She checked her e-mail and she was surprised,
"oh, it so fastt....." She printed it, and she gave me.
"Here you are...."

That piece of paper was stunning, I scrutinized it--
read it more than twice, and I smiled to her..
"I got you babe..." I whispered to that pieces.
I said thank you to her and walked away..

Along the boulevard, I can imagine,
wearing my traditional clothes, smiling,
hold my kiranaputri, talked to Dewi, or...
kissing my Rainbow deeply..

Thanks a lot God, I'm comin' home love....♥

--- Melalueca Road, In front of my TV and my heater, shiver but happy
Thurs, 28 May 09---- OZ


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please fill the time of your note wrote
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