Saturday, May 30, 2009

A day of a perfect weekend-- should be!!


Always waiting for that word. That word is awaited by every body in the whole world, (I think.. if it's not too exaggerate.. hahaha!)

This weekend I've got an invitation from one of my friends at school, he's so kind.. hehe. He lives near Byron, so seeing the Light House is our planning.
Although I went to bed at 3 a.m. today, it feels good when I woke up at 10 this morning. Everything looked so clear.. no frosted window as usual.

I wore my sleeper and looked at through my window, oh God.. it's thrilling to see the blue and white sky above. I made my coffee and Milo, then got ready, it's not usual for me to take a bath in the morning, but, because I'm in the mood, ahahahah XD, so I took a shower, it feels soooo gooooddd....

I wore my pinkies.. (see other notes about that! ;)
and started walk, yes! walking 3 km to the town...! Rocks!
I thought it would be sooo longg... but, it was a very nice walk!!
It took only 35 minutes to the town, I popped in into Mullum Choco Shop-- (hope my friends like the chocolates!)to News agency, bought my fav wing dings... ummm... and waiting at the bus stop near the post office.

The bus was so on time, I'm impressed!!
I arrived at 1.30 (it's also so ON TIME) at Byron and met Alasdair and Amelia, it's exciting to see Amelia face to face, cos she's so pretty, and I could feel her lovely nature, it's good to see them!
We walked around to buy some sushi and we talked about Bali-- 'cos they wanted to go around Indo next October, how exciting! :)

We headed to Light House with their new car, it's a comfortable car. We took some photos too. Light house is a place when the light guided some of the boats or the cruise ship (maybe) in Indonesia we called it Mercusuar. It's so stunning, because the colour is white-- my fav. colour, it so contrast with the blue sky, and from the light house we can see Julian Rocks, (in the middle of the sea), dolphins, coast, and of course the most popular Byron Bay beach. The wind blew so fast and it's a bit chill, luckily I wore my light jacket, hat, and jeans.... ahahhaah COMPLETE!!!
We walked down to the most easterly point of Australia, too!! it's niceee....!!!

Next destination was somewhere to eat our sushi.. hahaha! It was funny to see my friend forced himself to eat wasabi, and looked at his face to put up with the hot taste.. He said it was cool... hahaha. I tried a bit, and I felt not good, coz it didn't taste as sambal in Indo or sambal matah in Bali.. or.. (Oh God, I'm hungry...!) but my sushi was good.. yummy, and fresh!!! After finished our sushi, we went to a coffee shop to buy coffee, it was a little place sneaked around bushes, but, the coffee was beautiful.. I didn't drink the coffee, but I tried ice coffee with a scoop of vanilla ice cream-- oh God it's heavennn!!! I really enjoyed my time with them today, talking to friends whom around my ages, so I felt comfortable.
I saw some pretty birds, too! (excluded black scary crow-- hate them!)

They took me home, too... what a nice couple! hiksz..
Wow.. this is my first perfect weekend at Mullum, ummm, I hope had a perfect weekend like this, every week!!
Will I ?

In my cozy room, under my blankets
Melalueca Road, Mullumbimby
7 : 16 p.m.
30 May 09

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