Tuesday, May 26, 2009

God is always there...


I sat down in front of the holly pictures of Swami,

among the crowded devotees,

didn’t know “why should I come to the place..”

Am I looking for peaceful, calmness, or…


They appeared and sat down on the two red plastic chairs.

They looked old, as well as energetic, good-looking, and full of love.

They were Uncle Robert and Uncle Rita, both from America.

Talked in a calm way, while the translator tried hard to convey their utterances.

Then there was a moment that I couldn’t hardly persist my tears when they said..

“turn to God, turn to Bagavan, because He is your mother,

Because He is your father…

Who always walks besides you as a friend..

“He never walked in front of you because you may left behind,

neither walked behind you- worried later you won’t looked at the back..”

“He chooses to be next to you, to be your friend, every time- any where…”

God is always there,

never let you walking alone..

I love you, God,

and thank you so much for you massive love

that I couldn’t ever count it…

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