Thursday, May 28, 2009

To Be or Not To Be...

Hustle and bustle girls did not make me abandon from your sight
Waiting me passed by as it could scatter your darkness to a light

I knew you said something from your eyes,
Why never told me as I was a cube of ice-
That would freeze you when you’re near?
Not even simple words that I expected to hear
From you.

It’s true that I thought too fast,
Run my life in a jiffy..
Though we can’t deny that time flew the past
Went over our reach and destiny

It wasn’t your mistake not telling me about what you’ve thought about me
I didn’t blame you for every moment that we should have,
I felt like Icarus, who couldn’t fly near to the sun or the sea
no way through and wandering around in the middle like a flea.

I wasn’t an angel who can release you from a guilty feeling
Nor a saint of your life that you can kneeling
I couldn’t give you a hope
Or something that you can cope

Realizing that is forbidden to get near you
As in my heart wasn’t yours.
To be with you is out of question,
But I’ll say no.

To be or not to be, that’s your part.
If you said you’re with me but I will always say I’m not with you,
To be or not to be, I believe that you
will find the way home as if you look deeply to your heart.
And leave me as a history,
of our story. ;)

Mullumbimby, 15 May 09

This is my masterpiece..
never made a touchy poem like this..
From my heart to YOU.


GooDeviL said...

It's like.....
one word
only a single word to say

Garfield the Gothica said...

Don't ask me Why..
Don't ask God Why..
Ask yourself Why..?

Ke- jump mode : ON

GooDeviL said...

past is still the past
future? who knows...

Samalona said...

This is my first time stopping by. Interesting site. Nice layout. Interesting poem.

sanur said...

my good..when you wrote this poem ? wonderfull. may i copy it..

- Gek - said...

@ Bang Sanur

Udah bulan Mei itu dibuat Bang, wah, mau di copy? untuk siapa? hehe.
Makasih pujiannya. :)