Tuesday, May 26, 2009

One day before 23

I supposed to be happy today,
instead of forcing my fiance to go to the beach
to see some people on the beach, playing canoe,
playing with the sand, sunbathing, swimming..
and see my tears,

I supposed to do all my work today,
happy cos the term almost over, and
I’ll have some break afterwards..
instead of thinking about someone who
really not trying to understand me.

I supposed to forget all the words that she uttered
last night about my life…
No, dear,
she didn’t deserve to ruin my life,
You have to moving on…
Move to other better world.
Let’s move.
Just move-move-move-
Try to choose a happiness in your life..

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Sang Cerpenis bercerita said...

nah, ini belum dikomentarin. mo ultah jangan sedih dong.