Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Is not me..

You said,
Finding me is a treasure,
Holding your mind tight to me, for sure.
Kept asking why you wouldn’t release me from your heart
While you knew that you’re not my life’s part.

Enjoying our time while we could,
Though you’re not the one that I will hold,
When I come back,
I will feel guilty as ever if we can meet,
I hope God finding a way and lead you the best
And bring you the happiness ‘till the rest

Don’t tell me that you’re happy with tears on your cheeks,
‘cos I can’t stop the bleed from your heartbroken…
And I can’t hurt you more than this.

So, move on,
Open your heart for another love,
I believe there will be love which is waiting you to approach it,
And it’s not me,

There will be someone who willing to give her love to you,
Sacrifices her life to you, hold you tight, and make a reason for you
To change your world,
But the reason isn’t me.


Ayu Dianari said...

This is a poem about someone who just came into my life..
abrupt and tell me everything about another story of endless love, uuh,, wow.
But, isn't me.
Is not me.
Move on, man----

dexlaba said...

I will......
move on backwards...
where it belong.....

Anonymous said...

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