Monday, June 1, 2009

Where is my sunniesss??? Ah, I lost it? Reallyyy??? :(

Ah.. Monday again,
But it's JUNE!! Funtastic, God!

Been so chaotic today, my room still a big mess, my dishes still filled in my sink, and my desk-- don't ask me, everything is everywhere!!

But, at least, assignment for today has done! Good girl! ;)
I was just ready to go, it was 11.00 am. It was a nice time to go to school, on my feet and lovely pinkies. :)
Quite cold.. try to find my blakie, to put on.. hmmm.. where did I put it after Byron trip last Saturday...

Oh God, I tried to search everywhere, my chair, bed, wardrobe, bath room, kitchen... the result is none!!!! (SIGH)
I had a feeling that I'll loose it, maybe I dropped it, maybe I put it somewhere I didn't know, and besides, I've thinking of.. a plane disaster!! (ga ada hubungannya terus2an mikir pesawat jatuh, dan meletakkan semua pikiran negatif...-- di awal Minggu-- hell, yes, it was my BIG mistake!)

12.00! Dienkkkkkkkkkkkkk-- one hour? already? just to find my blakie hat? Nooo,well, I just grab my other hat, wear my sunnies, and walked through the path neear my room, and wait...
I saw somthing hangin' on the line --- it's my BLAKIE....!!! Dripping wet... OH NO, I must dropped it somewhere yesterday, hukz hukz,
I was happy tough, I didn't lose it.

12.30-- Arrived school, and did some works! it feels good when you got many compliments for the works you've done...
"This is fantastic, Asri"
"Well done!"
"This is absolutely excellent!"
I built up some Monday mood because of those compliments...

Now, started to go shopping,
It wasn't sunny at all, but I need to wear my sunnies to protect my eyes, :)
I wore it everywhere, and the last time I remembered I put it on my shopping bag.

Last stop at Mullum Chocolate shop, I realized that I've lost it!
I walked back to the town.. (SIGH) asked everyone about my sunnies,
but after one hour (again) went around the city, I felt surrender.
If I had more time with my sunnies, it will be back. no worries....

But, still thinking.., grumbling, and a bit sad... where is my sunnies???

Watching Desperate Housewives and Prepare my lesson,
Melalueca Road,
8:50 pm / 1st June 09
Mullum- NSW

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