Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Goodevil -- An Angel's Notes.

There are three words that I can find in that word.
Good, Devil, and Evil.
Never knew why that word becomes so powerful in my life recently.

He’s good. He is indeed a good man. He can make me smile, laugh out loud, and feel better. He makes me feel special. He makes me feels that I’m not alone anymore. He pushes me to dig in my hidden talent, everything, everything.. comes from him.

While I am only a little angel. An angel which is said to be a lucky coin, which is said a very smart little angel, who has a stunning and beautiful smile.

Is that true?

Do anybody know that inside my heart is a fragile thing that can be broken in a jiffy? Do anybody listen to my stories? Do anybody hear and see me cry? I bet.. not everybody.. but do everybody needs to? Why can’t everybody treat me like he treats me?

It doesn’t mean that he never makes me mad if I said he’s treated me well..
He’s truly a Devil when he makes me mad, because he sometimes busy and don’t have time to listen my story, he doesn’t wanna stop and talk to me. Not even want to buzz me or to say any words to me. He truly makes me MAD. However, I’m turning to an egoistic angel.

Who am I?
Why I deserve his attention? Why I deserve his time?

Who am I?
Why I deserve his stories? Why I deserve his feeling?

In a story, as an angel I always have to stay away from the devil.
Heaven and Hell, the same “H” but, different worlds. We are different. He’s over there—I’m over here. Two different continents. Two different times.. all different. But why are we getting closer? Why we feel we calling each other when we are apart? Awkward.

Then if we are getting closer, why we are not even a friend??

That’s the evil part from both of us. I’m an Angel on Earth, I can’t fly to heaven, then I getting a forbidden closer part with you, Devil.

I can’t take this part any longer. I can’t let you loving me without any hope, though you always say to me, you still see a light in my wings that not white anymore. You don’t care ‘bout my ring that I wear as long as no one care about us.
You always struggle and stay in your place- next to me.

Then let me look into your eyes, and say thank you for being always on my side.
Let me say that you are meant to me.
Let me say that when I’m with you—you make me free.

But why can’t you help me reach out my wings and make me fly back to heaven?

Geezzz…! It’s July! Yay!
Melauleca Road,
July 1st 09. / 12.14 am.


GooDeviL said...

Good and Evil....
Angel and demon....
Black and white....
water and fire...
Not meant together as a friend...
but they support each other...
they can't live without the other...
but there are always a hope
that can make the opposite become similar

GooDeviL said...

almost forget...
answer the unanswer...
GooDevil will always help you to reach your wings
and will help you fly...high to the heaven of angel...

Sang Cerpenis bercerita said...

mampir. tks ya udah ke blog aku.

Di@naRi said...

Saya suka baca-baca. Salam kenal yak. :)