Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Let me be Me.

Let me be me
like a flowers who always waitin' for the bee

Let me be me
being abandoned and not to be loved

Let me be me
a rebellion person who always knew what I want

Let me be me
a person who to be hurted and the one who left behind

Let me be me
alone and cold, intimidated and surrender

Let me be me
a said to be talented but appreciated by no one

Let me be me
no one loves me but God

It does make me more than anything,
I love u God.

1:49 am / 10 June 09
Exhausted and to be hurted again..

Mullum- NSW


GooDeviL said...

be patient.......

sanur sukur said...

How beautiful...you are good poet writer....make gimana gitu jadinyaaa

Di@naRi said...

@ Sanur Sukur :

Thanks buat komplimentnya.
Makasi udah baca blog saya yaa...