Friday, June 5, 2009

How do I love *thee?

How do I love thee?

Three words for thee---
Exotic, sexy, and smart.

Who didn't know thee?
Thee is a young person, warm, lovely smile, nice pack body, smart, rich, what else?

How can't you love thee?
A very good position indeed, but not without a hard job, yeah, play hard-work hard. A stable job, a glamor life around western style while thee doesn't come from west.

I didn't know thee,
the thing I knew, thee believes me. Gave me loads of works, loads of stories,compliments, critics, invited me to an "arisan", worked together, laughed and lunch together, but, thee maybe didn't love me as I admire thee.

Do you know that thee?
That I do care about you... I do respect you.. I do assume you as my friend..

Thee didn't know that I am a person who has a strong encouragement, strong commitment, dare to be different, and dare to take a risk..
Did I make mistake if someone loves me more than thee thought?
Did I make mistake if someone believes me more than thee got?
Did I make a mistake if God taking care of me more than anyone else?

While everybody loves thee.. I keep asking myself
How do I love you...?
While you ignoring me like a wind which always wants to blow your nice brown hair..
While you didn't even look at me like a scrap food that you threw in the bin..
While you (maybe) hatred me like your ex - lovers..

God forgives me,
I just want thee to look at me even though just a glance,
so I can scream to thee, and ask thee

How do I love you, thee?

How do I love thee?
If thee made a deep cut in my heart..

*thee : Old English that means he/she ; him/her

6 : 11 pm / 5th June 09
Mullum- In my very messy room.. (sigh)


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it isn't easy as you say, beib.