Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Recycle, Gossip, and Angel (again...)

This morning I woke up with a really lazy eyes, really dizzy head, and I didn't wanna get up from my bed. I kept looking at my table clock, and it's really annoying to see the time flipping so fast.. :(

I planned to walk to school, and asked permission from my home stay parent, because today Richard will have his kemotherapy. I kept thinking about that yesterday and this morning, so my purpose was to say good luck to him, and send my best wishes for him.

But, then, I couldn't understand why when I saw them, they just said, "we'll take you to school.." oh, wow, I didn't expect that. But, I thought it would be better for me, because I have time to talk to them. Richard said, he's going to the hospital today, and do the therapy. It sounds scary for me, but, what should I say but wish he could put up with everything that will be done by the doctor. I wish my father were here!

Today's class is awesome, I made some grammatical lesson for year 12 and year 11, also year 7. Before the class, one of the teachers asked me to see the ENVIROMENT presentation in the hall, I wasn't interested before, but I thought, it maybe a good chance for me to see, what is that actually..

And... the presentation was really good! So, the presenter gave much-much information how we can save our earth from RUBBISH! It's a bit becomes an issue now. Especially in here, because, the kids, never realize how many rubbish they brought into their lunch box!! (may be it's in your lunch box, too!!)
Let's imagine...
- A snack (Plastic)
- A sandwich wrap (Plastic)
- A juice / tea box (card board and plastic)
- Butter or jam (plastic)
- Cuttlery (plastic)
And all goes to rubbish bin... oh God!

Then, the presenter showed us about a plastic (maybe kind of a tupperware) which can be used loads of time, and also water bottle (so, same liquid, but then we can use it 40 times.. )

A lot of things that we can do to reduce the rubbish, especially when we go shopping... "SAY NO TO PLASTIC BAG"
It's the time for us to bring our own shopping bag, it sound cliche, but, it's true.. We need 125 million years to make the plastic gone..
(it's really insane if we dont STOP using the plastic bags now!)

If we looked our wardrobe, I bet we've got loads of clothes that we don't like, we already bored seeing those clothes.. or maybe because it's not our size anymore??
We could do something about that! We can make it as a charity, so the people who really need them can have them, or we can open an OP shop-- every forthnight? That would be good....!!!
I'm planning to do it in Bali, if I go back later, I think it'll be exciting! :)

Next thing, about gossip..
this week I really fed up with everybody who asked me about..
"Why don't you find Indonesian / Balinese community in here?"
"Why don't you call them?"
"Why don't you do this and that??"
For goodness sake!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is my life, my time, my whole business, why everybody wants to know, what I do, where I go.. Why this and that...
(GIVE ME A BREAK!)-- sigh!

Well, anyway...at least someone called me "angel" again.. in this school, ehm! that made my day, not as blur as I thought.. it's lovely to have someone who sees you as an angel.. wuhuuuu.. -blink-blink- XD
Lots of story, lots of sharing, lots of lesson,
thay should be a day for you or anybody else too...

Keep learning,
keep waiting another lesson from each day..

Mullum High School, waiting for the bell
2.23 pm / 2nd June 09

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Ada artikel bagus nih, judulnya "Gosip... gossip... gossip...". Tentang gossip di dunia kerja. Dilanjutkan dengan kupasan riset sosiologi tentang gossip di dunia kerja, "Riset: Mengerti Gosip, Perlu Kedewasaan".

Semuanya di blog Cantik Selamanya. Bagus deh, orisinal - Bukan cuman buat perempuan!