Tuesday, June 16, 2009

An orchestra -- Another lesson about Life..


That's the word that stacked on my brain at that time. I just hopped on Linda's car after my long day with her.. doing report, hold my stomach because I really hungry, had brunch at Byron-- but no whale watching... :(

I saw Jenny already dressed up, with a stunning lipstick as usual, but I even didn't have my shower since that morning. My bag pack still hung on my shoulder, my sunnies, I haven't done my hair even!

I openened my room and she screamed "Are u ready??"

(SIGH) I rushed into my wardrobe and took my sexy clothes, (which hasn't been ironed YET and EVER), my black trousers, my necklace, my boots,
ran into the bathroom, brushed my hair, put on another layer of my face powder, another layer of lipstick and another layer of perfume!!

Jumped on the stairs, and I was ready to go..
She said "Oh, God, you are so stunning young lady!"
Wink - wink (narsis mode : ON) :p

We headed off just 5 minutes from my rushy time. The place we went called Lismore, it took us for about one hour to arrive at the City Hall. Hmm, luckily, not too cold, and I just wore a perfect outfit! Yay!

It was so crowded, I was standing in front of the door next to Alex, my home stay gorgeous son, who always looked at me with his "strange" eyes. I'm happy he's already got a chinese fiance. haha! But maybe he regreted because he just find me, another gorgeous Asian woman?? (ahahaha, only in my dream) XD
We stood there among loads of people waiting the door to be opened. I really got annoyed, because we had to stand for about another 45 minutes! It made me really-really felt not so well, I felt I rather went home, had a rest, slept!

There were some steps that we had to pass before the gate, it just remind me about the time I was in queue in Bali, waiting for another turn to pray, it felt the same, and made me even more homesick, but I laughed because I could feel the same way in different situation.

I followed Alex and tried to catch his steps which was away lot faster than me! But finally we've got very good and convenience seats for five people, because we need to find more seats for his mom and his mom's friends.
Inside of the hall, I sat in the chair and I could feel the warmness, it looked like a theatre hall. It was so warm. Lot of chairs divided into two chairs.

I saw a big stage and all set up. Chairs, music tables, dull light, no curtains though..
About 2 minutes, the situation getting crowded and crowded, thank God we sat in a very good seat and position. I'm holding tight my camera, set it into ISO, so it would be able to take good quality pictures without flash.

I enjoyed the first fifteen minutes of the orchestra, I feel a secure feeling, sat among the people, listening to good music, a little heaven feeling. However, I couldn't skip a moment when the master ceremony told the audience about the orchestra. I even remembered that I let my teeth dry because I didn't close my mouth. I amazed, that all of them played without getting any cents... even they have to pay for the license in playing those orchestra.

I felt something touched my heart deeply that moment.
They played such a beautiful music without being paid, they had to go to some rehearsals, they had to entertain audiences' souls and entirely it just for the sake of a good music.

The beautiful conductor, jumped on and off the stage, made sure everybody played their part even not having a beautiful health for him self.
He's got a bowel cancer, a disease that made him to take more than 15 times chemotherapy which are not cheap at all! However, I saw him alive at the stage, being the head of the orchestra..

it's not about money. It's about what your inner feeling tell you to do.
I think, God truly sends me to this continent to open my mind,
wider than before...
to see,
to feel,
the greatness of God's creatures.

When money is nothing.

An Orchestra of life..
A note from June 7th 09

written on 22nd June 09 / 8 : 42 pm
(Not in the mood doing everything but writing)
Mullum - NSW


GooDeviL said...

finally, after long time
waiting the next issue of yours...

Di@naRi said...

a bit busy!
This week even crazier, I just wanna fly..
I miss u home because I'm SICK.....because of you, my lovely Home......!