Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fade Away

When letters gathering to words
all the alphabets was related and submitted
"It shows me a little tiny light," he says.
but without saying a word everything was evaporated

When words become powerful
instead of stating to sentences
it makes me dull
forced me walked into a labyrinth felt the numbness

When sentences engaged to a promise
and make your heart beat raise
you'd better holding your tongue and stay
but you prefer to burn it and fade away.

Sinclairs Bondi - Sydney

(Still) exhausted
16 July 09 / 10.35 pm


airbening21 said...

Aksesoris 'rumahnya' unik juga :) cuma sayang beLom dipasangin content buat komentar kayak shoutmix gitu .. hehe.. beLom sempet kaLi ya..

saLam buat Denpasar :)


sanur said...

nuestra palabra es nuestra arma, kata adalah senjata klo marcos bilang mah....q jatuh cinta ma puisi ini sederhana tapi mengena langsung pada pointnya

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aanku91 said...

siip dah...