Monday, January 21, 2013

Welcome Thirty One.. :)

Happy 31st Bday, Darl... I love you so much xoxo
He is kind. He is warm. He is friendly. He likes eating meat. He chooses sleeping over travelling. He loves dogs so much. He snores. He is crazy about machine. He spends hours to fix anything. He is humble. He is so simple. He manages his anger well. He is not interested in vegetables. He has great curiosity. He says sorry, even though it wasn’t his mistakes. He has a good sense of humors. He is a bit chubby. He takes care of his son so much. He cooks good food. He is always a good supporter. He is a language player. He makes lots of good excuses and responds. He is a biker lover. He does the chores. He is a good kisser. He is definitely not a smoker. He listens attentively all the time. He receives weaknesses. He dreams a good future. His loves is unconditionally. He is a good laughter. He is the perfect gift from God. He’s my man. He is real. ;)


OcehAan™ said...

Thirty One itu berapa yah? hehe..
maklum wong ndeso, ndak tau bahasa inglis :P

Maaf Gek, aku ganti niknem lg, ndak apa-apa yoh.. :)

ayie kasturi said...

cieeeeeee prewiwit prewiwit..
sooo swiiiit nyaaa..>.<

Freya Lenneth said...

ouw... yayangnya ulang tahun nih yeee. Wish him and his family all the best yah :D. Semoga semua harapan dan cita-cita tercapai. Amin.

Ayas Tasli Wiguna said...

mantap kali!!! titip slmt ultah buat ur hubby, gek..

Rian Ra-kun said...

turut mendoakan :)
semoga semakin semakin.

miwwa said...

so sweet sekali~~~~!!!! >,<