Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Move. Yes. Move.



Moving out. Moving in. I do this activity regularly now. Almost a year, with full of packing and unpacking.

I knew it hard for other people and even me.. Oh My Goodness..
I can't believe myself doing this every two and half months?

Being in every places, jump like a kangaroo, even not fly as high as bird.


Yes. Maybe.

I'm tired of moving.
But, I'm happy to learn everything that I've got during the moving time.
I'm willing to do anything that makes me more mature, and I do feel it.

one of my friends said,
"You can change anyone but you."

That's truly happen.

Since I were here, everything changes rapidly, I even didn't realize any of that.
I never realized that I changed myself so much, then it affected everybody else.

I feel happier, yet.

you know that you can't and never change the world..
but as a starter,
change yourself in a better way, it's a good starter.

nothing to loose.

Move on.. guys.

Banora Point,
On top of my big box of stuffs...

7.47 pm - 26/08/09


Rosi said...

Now I see if I wear a mask I can fool the world, but I can't fool my heart...
but when is my reflection show who Iam inside ?

-- christina aguilera; "REFLECTION" ---

sanur said...

itsu made mo ganbatte kudasai ne ^_^ keep on spirit....

Sang Cerpenis bercerita said...

siang. ga bisa koment byk. msh busy

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