Wednesday, October 28, 2009

All men are the same...

All men are the same

They looked at you in the eye
Let their heart beat so fast
They told you as if you are the one
So they think they could win your heart

All men are the same

Sometimes they hurt you and make you sad
but they will say that's they way to show how much they care
Sometimes they hide their love so bad
'till it's too late and they're still questioning "are you dare?"

All men are the same

They will say you're beautiful charms
'till they got you into their arms
and..they gonna ask you to fulfill their need
Next thing they will bored and leave your bed

All men are the same

They play game and waste their time
If you complain - they will leave

They smoke, drink, and spend their money
If you moan - they will vanish

If you're a man and feel different
you'll get a woman's heart in a second..

Mullumbimby, 28/10/09

Lagi boring...ditengah hujan
6.32 pm


Anonymous said...

are you dare.....?
no I am not, I am not a Dare Devil
I am not different
all men are the same....
I won't get woman heart in a second

- Gek - said...

my poem is true
All men are the same.

setiakasih said...

98% true indeed...
the other 2% is different.
and those are always belonged to wrong women.. hahah