Saturday, March 2, 2013

Booked me!

Please don’t judge me by the title of this posting. : ) 

Everyone knows that I always think far ahead. When everyone start thinking about in what school they would like to continue their Junior High School, I knew that I’m going to “that” university – “this” program, finish my study in 3.5 years, then find my dream job – that was a doctor. (Although I left my dream and change it to be a teacher.. ;)

When my girlfriends started to have a crush with some cute boys, I already had a “monkey love” with some cute boys they’ve ever known. I always approachable for the boys they were looking at, that was why those girls always be jealous on me. One of my girl friends even said that.. “Gek, you’re not beautiful, not smart, not even wearing a make up! Are you wearing “susuk”……….??? So our “cute boys” always fall for you?” Of course I ignored them and those cute boys who dared approaching me that time. I had my own choice – and I knew it’s right. 

When my friends were busy finding their university, I already moved from my science program to Social – and learnt all Social things in a month – applied my uni and be ready for it. 

Everybody kept telling me, “Gek, you need to slow down, enjoy your life.” Well, I am enjoying myself – but I was born this way. Hahhahah.

I still remembered that when my friends started thinking the topic of their “skripsi..” My ‘skripsi’ idea had already stolen by my senior .. (Seriously Gek?? How? She was overheard my idea to my supervisor.. she was mean.. I know.) – she did her ‘skripsi’ for 6 months and passed it with B. 

While me – the creator, I did it in ONE month, and passed with A – and did my ‘yudisium’ in the age of 20. Hell yes, I’m super serious.. T.W.E.N.T.Y.. I could remember the Dean of my university, who read my date of birth and repeated it.. twice – and still couldn’t believe, I still 20. *grin. 

Well, that’s my life. Always a step.. (well, ten steps ahead) from my friends – not my Mom. When I thought 10 steps ahead – she already thought for a 100 step ahead. *It’s genetic, you see… 

So.. What’s the conclusion of “booked me?” Gek?

This means, if you want to meet me.. hang in out with me… have a little chit chat, or drink a cuppa with me.. please guys.. booked me in 2 weeks advanced. *Cetarrrrrrrrrrr.. kwkwkkwkwkwk

Do not come by “only” SMS or BBM and say.. “Hey, how about going to Ubud this afternoon, at 1?” 

My answer is definitely.., “Sorry, I’m busy. My plan is already full, darl!” 

Then everyone keeps echoing their sentence to me.. “You are too, busy.. Gek” 

How about you Angel Lovers, do I need to book you up to read this posting?

kiss kiss

Thursday, February 28, 2013

LDR, who scared?

LDR or Long Distance Relationship is a trend nowadays among adults. Why I say adults? Teenagers won’t cope with LDR, they are easily get bored and likely hunt another partner to be with. 

Many people says it is difficult to have a LDR, also chances to do an affair with other sex opposite is very easy to happen. However, there are some couples that love doing LDR, they could feel their heart near while others in a long journey – not the opposite. They are near, but there is a distance between their hearts. 

I’ve been experienced LDR when I worked in another country. It was one year without my boy friend, and we did it so well – then I start asking, why anyone could fail, when we could pass it?

LDR Positives!
I ensure you that you’ll miss each other badly. Thank God to our modern technology that we have “skype” and “face time” now! You will find that communication is effortless. Even though you will lose your saving money to buy credit to your phone, you will always texting and calling each other. The positive of LDR is you can have your “boundary freedom.” This means, you can do your hobbies, you can hang out with your friends, and do your works or tasks for even in a better result. You can go every Friday for “Girls Night Out” without even worrying someone will drag you home- when you still want to dance.

LDR Negatives…
Trust breaking is number one obstacle in this relation. It easy for your partner to judge you having another crush with another man or woman if – for example, you don’t call your partner, you forgot replying his or her sms  - or any simple thing. My boyfriend did a long distance call for 3 hours- just to get an argument with me.. and, guess what, he spent 2 million rupiah for his call. Well.. well. What should I say? 

Flirting with another man or woman is really tempting. I’ve met some foreigners who really liked me and wanted our relationship would grow more than friend. At that time, I personally did not have any intention to do any relation with foreigner men. They just didn’t suit with my life – and also, not my taste.. tsahhhhhh..! :p However, I enjoyed myself being loved by many men, got a lot of attention, and also… more friends, of course! 

Once someone said to me, “If you can maintain your LDR relationship and both of stay faithful to each other, you can be together for the rest of your life. This means your love is so strong.” 

Actually, LDR is not a distance problem. It’s more to hearts problem. If you have that problem, fix it. Don’t blame the distance! I didn’t predict that I can make the LDR succeed, but I did. : )

 Just don’t think too much about it. Trust each other – and keep your communication well. It’ll be fun.

- Are you on LDR right now, Angel Lovers?-